Celso Lisboa | Rebrand 

Refreshing Celso Lisboa's brand identity




To develop a new brand identity for an established Brazilian university which has the driving mission of empowering the next generation. 





By undertaking a collaborative approach, the rebranding project's foundation was set by an immersive investigation - including various interviews and brainstorming sessions with students, teachers, staff and board - which had the aim of better understanding the institution's values through the perspective of its key stakeholders. 

As a result, the participatory design process helped to build Celso Lisboa's new brand platform in a way that best reflects the its new vision, but one that also resonates with its multiple audiences. Its revamped brand included a fresh look at the institution's brand architecture, naming, as well as visual identity of its main brand and sub-brands which all combined reflect the optimistic and vibrant vision of the university's new educational system.



Year: 2015
Client: Celso Lisboa University
Creative Director: Rodrigo Maia
Strategic Planning: Marina Mendes, Charles Jacquard