Natura Sou - Product Design

Reinventing packaging for a cosmetics brand




Natura wanted to create a new line of products focused on the mass market, targeting the new uprising class of Brazilian consumers. Therefore, the challenge was to create a sustainable, low cost product, that yet is still highly attractive product to the target audience.




The result was an innovative approach by a cosmetics brand that adopted the pouch as the principal packaging. The new process requires less energy and less production time, decreases the amount of plastic in packaging by 70% and reduces the final cost of the product in 50%. This process also enables the filing of the product to occur in the same assembly line, therefore considerably eliminated steps of production and transportation. Finally, and the most importantly, the packaging solution allows users to use the product until the last drop, elevating their experience with the brand.  




Natura is a highly praised cosmetics brand in Brazil. By mainly focusing on the use of natural products, providing social support to its value chain and working towards a sustainable environment, the company embodies the image of an ecofriendly, sustainable enterprise.




We embraced a collaborative process with another design agency, QuesttoNo, and the search for solutions involved design in all the development steps, creating a series of initiatives that were able to eliminate everything that was unnecessary. Natura also assembled a multidisciplinary team in which designers, pharmacists and marketing teams worked together to think of solutions that would have the least possible environmental impact.



Year: 2012
Agency: Tátil Design e Nó Design
Creative Director: Fred Gelli
Creative Manager: Felipe Aguiar
Product Designers: Rodrigo Maia, Thiago Holzmeister
iF packaging design award 2013
OURO Prêmio ABRE 2013 - Embalagem de Cosméticos
OURO Prêmio ABRE 2013 - Sustentabilidade
PRATA Prêmio ABRE 2013 - Forma
OURO Prêmio Idea Brasil 2014 - Design Industrial de Embalagens